From Golf to Economy with Neil Haboush


Neil Haboush’s blog is a new appearance on the Blogger platform and a very interesting one, I might add. Starting with a few posts on golf, some tips and tricks, and then continuing with recent insights of global economy, focusing on emerging markets like China and countries that have registered some economic growth, the blog is actually quite an absorbing read. It’s well written, in short language, making it very easy to follow and understand, thus targeting a large niche of audience, which isn’t required to have knowledge neither of golf nor of economy to get a kick out of his posts. One might find the association if the two a bit peculiar, but considering that the blog it’s just starting out, laying the ground for what’s to come, it’s really just one man’s opinion on subjects of his interest, which is practically the definition of a blog, granting it all the premises of being a successful one.

Even though the posts are, as mentioned above, one’s man opinion on different issues and aspects, once you dig in the articles, it becomes pretty obvious that Neil Haboush has done his due diligence and that the posts are in fact well researched and they have a sort of subtle connection. Let’s take for instance the two pieces he wrote on economy, one talking about the impact of China’s economic re-balance and the other presenting the positive situation in Mexico, regarding their recent economic growth. The posts intuitively make the connection between the re-balancing of China’s economy, which will lead to a collapse in growth of investment and its impact on the South American markets, such as Mexico, which has reached a competitive level with China, especially on non-food commodities.

The blog written by Neil Haboush has the advantage of keeping it short and concise, so that you don’t get bored with a subject or lose your patience before reaching his conclusions. This feature is setting it apart from the majority of blogs, which display lengthy posts, trying to comprise a large content. Even with his first posts, on golf and golf tips, he meets the promise of the title every single time. If the post is about where to look before you swing your golf club, then even the first sentence is strongly related to the topic and says something about where to look or where you are generally told to look, then passing right on to offering you some advice or suggestion on the matter. Surprisingly, it works, because it keeps you wanting to read more so, without even realizing, you are up to the next post and so on. Neil Haboush has every chance to develop this blog into a very unique one, with many followers and readers, if he keeps up with the wide array of topics and with this particular format of short posts, coming quickly one after the other.