Fun baby shower games


Every baby shower game is special in its own way. There are parties appreciated for the themes chosen, other are kept in mind due to the location they took place in, whereas most of them are remembered because of the fun baby shower games the organizer prepared for its guests.

The main rule into planning this sort of games is to avoid the ideas with too many steps, too many instructions and too complicated ways of acting. Look for refreshing and fun baby shower games that allow your guests relax and recharge their batteries with energy.

And because we have suggested you to think of some fun baby shower games rather than boring and stressful ones, here is a list that completes our proposal. We hope you will choose the most suitable one for you and your party.

The first game is called “Don’t say baby”. Use this game as an icebreaker in order to help your guests get into the mood of the party. As you say hello to every guest you have, offer them a diaper pin and ask them not to say the magic word “baby” during the baby shower. The deadline is the time you have to open the presents and if anyone notices someone said the word during this period of time, he wins a pin. The one who has the biggest number of pins at the end of the party receives a gift.

“Guess the Baby Game” is the second game we want to tell you about. As you offer the invitations for the baby shower, tell to your guests about the games they are going to play. In this case, ask them to bring photos with them from the time they were children or babies. Every photo of the guests will be numbered in a chronological order, according to the time of their arrival at the baby shower. Post the pictures on a wall and ask the guests guess which photo belongs to every one of them. The person who has the biggest number of correct choices is given a prize!

Other fun baby shower games are “Baby Items in the Bag”. You have to look for more than 10 items and place them into a diaper bag. You can choose anything between a bib or a rattle, a bottle and ask every one of your guests to introduce their hand into the bag and guess the object they touched. The person with the most numerous matches wins a prize. Have fun!