Get pregnant from precum


Couples who have sex often worry about the possibility of getting pregnant. The most common fear among any couple is the possibility of getting pregnant from pre-cum. They also worry about the possibility of birth control not working. Although these concerns are present for real in a couple’s life that does not mean that you should be in a constant panic or to become paranoid.



What does pre-cum mean?

Pre-cum means that the pre-ejaculatory fluid coming from the man penis when he is exited sexually. This fluid is produced by the bulbourethral gland.Pre-cum is the fluid which neutralizes the remaining urin in the urethra thus making it clear for the sperm to get through.

Misconceptions of pre-cum

There are two main misconceptions of pre-cum, one contradicting the other. The first misconception is that the pre-cum does not contain sperm what so ever and the second one is that the pre-cum fluid contains a lot of sperm. As it turns out they are both false because the pre-cum fluid does not contain sperm. However, if an ejaculation has been produced a day or two before the present one, the sperm may be picked up by the pre-cum fluid and released.

Misconceptions about birth control

Some women think that if they use birth control pills they cannot get pregnant. This is not true because no such method can guaranty a hundred percent guarantee that you will not get pregnant even if you use it as the doctor told you. The rate of failure when it comes to birth control is of 1% which means that one in a hundred women can get pregnant while taking the pill. The factors can vary and they can reduce the pill efficiency. If you are obese or if you take antibiotics, you may have the unpleasant surprise that the method did not work.


Even though the possibility of getting pregnant from pre-cum exists while using birth control pills, the probability is very low. The pre-cum from the man can contain sperm thus fertilizing the egg from the woman vagina. But this is very unlikely because women have a 25% chance of getting pregnant even when they want to so the probability of this happening tends to go to zero.

Prevention and solutions

Abstinence is the only way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy 100%.Just keep in mind that if something is very unlikely to happen that does not mean that it cannot happen to you of all people so be careful.