Get ready for the Ashes Tours


Have you ever visited Australia? Now it may be the moment to do it, and see this amazing land. People say that Australia is a travel heaven, with its unique wildlife, varied landscapes and white-sand beaches. There is no other continent more interesting than Australia, and if you start browsing through pictures, you will end up spending the whole night online, because they will simply amaze you. From sharks to crocs, kangaroos and tropical islands, there are numerous reasons why you should visit this travel heaven. And if you need an extra one, then you should know that in 2017 there will take place the Ashes series. So what the Ashes series are? Well, they are a series of cricket matches that will be contested between Australia and England. The perfect time for you to travel to Australia is in November when the Ashes series take place.

You may ask yourself what reasons you have to book one of the Ashes Tours. Well, let’s make a list:

  • The first test will return to a traditional fortress, Brisbane’s Gabba
  • For the first time the host of the event will be Adelaide Oval, you will simply be amazed by the beauty of the stadium
  • The next destination of the series is Perth, so you will have the possibility to both take part to the tests and visit different locations from Australia
  • If you want to see Melbourne and Sydney, then you should not skip the New Year’s Test and the Boxing Day test, because these towns will be the hosts of the events. These days record crowds are expected to come and see the event, so you should make sure you book in time your accommodation.
  • The Ashes series expand on a long period of time, so you have the possibility to choose the activities you would like to see, and the time of the year when you would like to visit Australia. There are activities organised from November 2017 to March 2018, so you have plenty of time to decide when you would like to see this unique part of the world.

If you are visiting Australia for the first time, then you should make sure you read the following guide because it will prove extremely useful, in organizing your tour and having fun while being there.

Book escorted tours

Yes, you may travel to Australia to take part to this amazing event, but this does not mean that you will not have time to do other activities. So you should make sure that you book escorted tours to see the best parts of the continent. The atmosphere in a small group is amazing, and you will instantly bond, so you should not ignore this option. There are companies that provide this type of guide, and they have multiple advantages. They are convenient, secure and you enjoy the companionship of an expert who would guide you around. The guides know the itineraries and they would organise tours that will offer you breath-taking sightseeing. Make sure you book your tour with one of the reliable tour managers, because your holiday should be a time when you experience new things and see new places. You will not only explore new places but you will also feel the camaraderie of the travellers and will enjoy the group spirit.

Check the hotel options

If you plan to attend the events from different towns, then you will have to book the hotel rooms ahead, because you can be sure that there will be many people, who would need a place to stay during that time. Therefore, you should check the offers different providers have, and see which one of them offers the best packages. Because the Ashes take place, then you should expect the hotels to have special offers for this period, but you have to hurry to get one because you can be sure that there will be people, who would also want to benefit of them. It is advisable to check the travel packages offered by the official travel operators of the event. In this way, you are sure that you collaborate with a reliable provider, and you will not experience any issue, when it comes to security and safety.

Enjoy the social side of the Ashes Tours

You will have a wonderful time in Australia, because you will take part to one of the most famous world events, and you will find yourself on a continent every person, almost once dreamt to visit. So, you should make sure that you check on your list, all the activities you have the possibility to attend. There will be organized welcome drink receptions ahead the tests and during the tests, there will take place Q&A forums. There informal gatherings are the perfect opportunity for you to meet cricket hosts, fellow travellers and local tour managers. And everything will take place in a social and relaxed setting. You will find specialists’ reviews on the performance of the teams and even insights of the event.

  • Spend the Christmas in Melbourne

If everyone’s dream is to see snow on the Christmas day, almost once in life you should dream to spend the Christmas on a sunny beach. The Ashes will organise a celebration lunch in a picturesque place, and you will have the possibility to admire the beautiful Albert Park Lake, if you choose to attend the event. Before enjoying the Christmas buffet, you should drink a glass of bubbles on the terrace of the Point Restaurant. There is not similar feeling to this. And where you count that the transfer to and from your hotel are included?

  • Have a Happy New Year in Sydney

Have you ever planned to welcome the New Year in a place that astounds you? Well, you will definitely remember this day all your life, because they organise the celebration at the Taronga Centre, which is stated to be one of the unique venues from Sydney, with a wonderful view over Sydney Harbour. This is the perfect Australian New Year’s celebration, so you should not skip it.

Whether you want to spend a couple of months in Australia, or the holidays, you should make sure you book everything ahead, and you choose one of the official Ashes travel packages.