Getting your driver’s license – essential steps to take


Finally reaching the legal age to drive is a dream come true for any teenager. Managing to finally drive around without any supervision, and too easily get to places without having to rely on taxis, public means of transportation or your friends and family is certainly an exciting prospect. However, until you are finally behind the wheel and legally allowed to wander off the road by yourself, you will first need to get your permit. Although actually driving a vehicle might seem easy, taking a test and passing your exam is not always the simplest process. Because failing is probably not an option worth considering for you, knowing about a few insights on the topic, which will help you ace the process of getting a license, will come in handy. These are the stress you should consider going through:

Study the rules

Many teens believe that they can easily cheat their way into getting a license, or they are able to acquire the necessary knowledge without actually taking their time to study. Well, if you don’t value a thorough study schedule, the odds of actually passing your driver’s test are very slim ones. Because there are so many rules, laws and regulations, you will not be able to discover them by simply being observant in traffic, or discussing with your driving instructor. Both the practical and the written test of getting your license require some learning from your part, so buy the necessary books, access the right informative resources on the internet, and start studying from an early point. Also, knowing by heart all regulations will give you more confidence in your abilities on the road, so it’s not just about passing the test, it’s about how good of a driver you will actually be as well.

Take DMV Practice quizzes

Because the more you practice, the higher the likelihood of passing your test from the start will be, allocate enough time to taking quizzes. Nowadays, you have the possibility to find quizzes of this kind on the internet, so putting your knowledge to the test will not require any extra effort. Taking another quiz, whenever you have some free time will only contribute to your cumulation of rules and regulations knowledge, and will make things far easier for you when the moment of actually passing the test comes. With enough Californian DMV practice quizzes covered, you can go to your examination far more relaxed – you will see for yourself how much of a difference this particular aspect can actually make.

Take an ED course

If you believe the regular practice tests you can access and the tips of your instructor are not enough for you to actually reach the desired level of knowledge, you can always resort to a driving ED course. This type of training program will provide you with the foundation you need to become a driver. A course of this kind is available in California, for example, for teenagers that are even 15 of age. And because this is probably your proffered option, considering its convenient, you can pursue the online training alternative.

Take your behind-the-wheel training seriously

You might believe that you were born with great insects and a natural ability to drive, and being on the road does not scare you or cause you any worries. Well, even if you might be better than the average trainee, it’s important to take your behind-the-wheel learning process extremely seriously. Putting in your entire focus and attention whenever you are on the road, and actually listening to what your instructor is telling you is essential. Perhaps there’s a traffic sign you might not have heard of until now, or there’s a parking method you might not have mastered yet – everything you learn during the process will be extremely important not only for the test but for your future driving capabilities.

Seek advice from other

Whether it’s a friend that has recently got their permit, or one of your parents, it’s important to ask advice from others, and actually analyze and consider their tips. Knowing what to expect, and how you should act during your own examination can be more useful than you would initially imagine. Any insight, regardless from who it comes, can help you be better prepared for the upcoming moment. Knowing about potential tricky questions, or what you should do if you end up a mistake on the road can actually prevent you from dealing with a failure. So, whenever you are talking to someone who already has a license, slip a question or two into the conversation.


Once you are confident in your driving skills, you have gathered the level of road knowledge required through courses and practice tests, you can finally apply for your driver’s license. You will need to bring certain paperwork with you, so make sure to discuss with your instructor and to ask them what are the required documents. You will also be demanded to bring proof of your behind-the-wheel training, as well as ED course completion. One of your parents, or your legal guardian will need to sign your learner’s permit. Research the usual demands for the average driver’s test, and be prepared with everything with enough time in advance, because you probably don’t want to forget something and find out that day that you are not able to go through with the examination. Remember that it’s important to maintain your calm in order to not make any mistakes during the driving test. As long as you know what you have to do, and you have the information at the back of your mind, you will not have any problems whatsoever.   

As you can see, it’s important to be aware of a few essential steps, before thinking about getting your driver’s license. Being able to drive is probably something you have waited for, for a long time, and once you have this possibility, you probably don’t want to prolong your wait. Well, if you follow the tips mentioned above, and pay attention to each one of them, you will be able to get your driver’s license from your first attempt.