Guide on How to Give Flowers on Every Special Occasion

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In almost every occasion, you can give flowers to the recipient. People get happy when they see the flower. It is a way of telling people you appreciate them and will definitely make their day. The following are suggestions on the best flowers to give for 8 different special occasions.

  1. Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, the traditional flowers to give are carnations. Anna Jarvis set up this custom when she started distributing white carnations on Mother’s Day. It is also believed that pink carnation first spring up from the ground when Mother Mary shed her tears for Jesus’ death. Rose is also a popular flower to give on Mother’s Day. Rose smell sweet so it implies that your mother is sweet when you give it to her. Tulips are another popular flower that can help you to express warm and affection to your mother on Mother’s Day.

  1. Welcome a New Baby

If your friend or relative just have a new baby, you can send flowers to show that you are happy for them. Daffodils are the best choice for babies that are born in spring. Hydrangeas are also a great option for congratulating new babies because they are available in blue and pink. Gerbera daisy is a large cheerful flower suitable for happy news as welcoming a new baby. Roses are given by husbands when a new baby has arrived. Roses is an expression of appreciation and devotion for a loved one.

  1. Saying Thank You to a Person Who Helped You

You recently received a big help from someone and you would like to send flowers as a way of saying thank you. Nothing says thank you like sweet peas which means thank you for a lovely time. You can order sweet peas from an online flower delivery service to say thank you to someone who has taken you out for a dinner. Pink hydrangea is the best flowers for someone who is there for you in a difficult time. They are available in several colours including pink, white, peach, and blue. Iris can be a compliment to a friend – it says I treasure your friendship. Chrysanthemum says to a friend you are wonderful.

  1. Happy Birthday Flowers

You can also give flowers to a friend on his/her birthday. You can choose the birth month flower for your friend’s birthday. For example, if he has a birthday in February, you can send an iris bouquet. Lilies make a suitable birthday flower because it represents positivity. Orchids are usually given for a girlfriend’s birthday as they represent beauty and love. If your spouse is having a birthday, you can give him/her red roses. Roses symbolize romantic love and respect. Gerberas is a cheerful flower and is suitable for giving to cheering a friend on his birthday.

  1. Sending Condolences in a Funeral

If you are sending condolences flower, the best option will be white flowers like white stargazer lilies. Lilies represent innocence so giving lilies means that you are comforting the family of the bereaved that the deceased’s soul has departed to a good place. Gladioli can be sent to the funeral of a respected person as it represents the strength of character and moral integrity. White carnation is another popular option for funeral service because it represents innocence.

  1. Hoping Fast Recovery with Get Well Flowers

If someone you know is hospitalized, you can send get well flowers to wish him fast recovery. Send a multi-coloured gerbera daisies bouquet to brighten up the recipient. Peonies represent healing and are suitable for use in wishing someone to recover back to health fast. You can give hydrangeas to the recipient to tell him that you wish he will have good perseverance on the ailment. Giving pansies is telling the sick person that he is always in your thoughts.

  1. Wedding Anniversary

When it is your wedding anniversary, don’t just let the day pass by without giving anything to your spouse. Instead, at least give a bouquet of flower to tell your spouse that you appreciate him. You can send flower based on the number of anniversaries, for example, in the 1st wedding anniversary, people usually give carnation. On the 2nd anniversary, people usually give cosmos. If you make your spouse happy, you and her relationship will grow and the bond will become stronger. You can also send a red rose to your spouse on the wedding anniversary.

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day when everyone remember about their sweethearts. On Valentine’s Day, people usually give a red rose. If you are sending flower for a friend on Valentine’s Day, you can give yellow roses as it means friendship. You can send pink roses to someone whom you admire. It is also common for boyfriends to give purple orchids to girlfriends. Purple orchids mean beauty and strength so giving purple orchids is telling someone that she means a lot to you. Send sunflowers to your sweetheart to tell her that she is to you like the sun and means happiness to you. Stargazer lilies can make an elegant bouquet that makes your loved one feel like royalty on Valentine’s Day.