Golden Retriever


The country of registration of the golden Retriever is England
With a range of 56-61cm in height, and a weight of 29-32 kg the male of the Golden retriever breed is slightly bigger then the female which has and average height of 51-56 cm and a weight of 25-29 kg.

Hair color: all shades of gold or cream, or with a little white on chest and black nose.

The beautiful and noble dog of the retriever breeds. It has a harmonious construction with strong but yet light and symmetrical movement.
The head is proportioned to the body, the skull broad, he has a muscular neck without dewlap, and the muzzle is powerful and wide. He’s dark eyes have a gentle expression.
Proportioned ears of medium size are firmly attached and stuck to his head.
The body is short but balanced, his deep chest is well downed, the back is straight.
The front legs are straight, with strong bones; the back is strong and muscular.
His straight tail is carried not too happy. The hair is long, smooth or slightly wavy the fluff is dense and impervious.

Golden Retrievers, before being trained for hunting, were water dogs and their ancestors are dogs used by fishermen on the island of Newfoundland.

Hunting passionate Nobility was looking for a strong and very docile dog, which lie at the foot, and followed the falling slain birds after the gun fire, and fetch on command. Field Retrievers were accompanied by setters or pointers, but unlike them, they roamed in the fields searching for prey. To make a retrieving dog will need a good sight, a fine nose and a good visual memory. The desire to achieve these goals was fulfilled by attempted crosses between different races, beginning fishermen Newfoundland dogs and various breeds of British fetchers. The long time non standardization of the race, made it possible for almost every English nobleman to have their own “race” of Retrievers. English Kennel Club Golden Retriever allowed registration in the Book of Origins in 1902.

His contribution in creating and standardizing the breed at Tweedmore Lord, where they were born early had very close relation with the famous Golden Loch Ness lake. Another theory says about their origin tat it comes from the Russian Caucasus harassment dogs, bought in 1858 from Lord Tweedmonth installed at Brighton and a circus which he crossed with the Bloodhound breed dogs and other retrievers, obtaining current copies. It is particularly prevalent in America, which is highly appreciated.

Golden Retriever dogs seem to be ideal. A true Golden and fair, as his cousin, Labrador is never aggressive and is very docile natively. Golden retrievers easily accept and respect the hierarchy of their human pack and are easily trained. A common trait is that Retrievers mature physically and especially mentally, quite late. At about 12-14 months, their growth in height is completed, but will still gain weight at least 1 year. Mentally, they are put up at least two years. Adapt anywhere in the country, the city, in an apartment. They prefer an active life, but they don’t have as much energy as terriers. It is therefore better to use them routinely in hunting activities or to draw up a daily schedule of training. Especially swimming and jogging should be the main exercises you need to make a retriever do.

The Golden retriever is a dog full of life, intelligent, faithful, with good memory, easy to train, loyal and tenacious and he loves children.

The best results in retrieving, recorded the recovery of water. The water fetching category was dominated by no other then well trained hunting retrievers. In addition the dog is a great companion and aggression is considered a defect – which leads to exclusion from breeding. Unfortunately, although these qualities distinguished the native golden retriever, it was never properly exploited, in our country. The great charm and beauty of this animal, more consecrated as a pet and his selection is now more on these criteria, the native hunting – the supply of water – is often neglected. Very rarely we saw in hunting a Golden Retrievers at work.

Being very resistant to cold, is mainly used to hunt birds around lakes. It is a good dog and an excellent guard.

Specific Diseases Golden Retriever:
Congenital dysplasia of the hip and elbow.

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