Hair loss after pregnancy


This is a very common problem with which women giving birth have to face.In order to be prepared read all there is to know about this phenomenon so as to be able to enjoy the wonderful things that are happening to you and around you.



After Pregnancy Hair Loss

It is very common for a woman to experince hair loss after she gave birth.This hair loss should not concern you at all because it is only a sign that your hair is growing back as it was before you became pregnant.

After pregnancy there are two major phases that we should take into consideration.The growing periodis the first phase which last up to seven years with a growing rate of 1-2 cm per month after which the second phase comes, the telogen phase,which lasts up to 4 months.This is a resting phase.

During this period you will experince normal hair loss, of 100 hairs per day,and your hair will start to growing normaly, of course not all at once.

While a woman is gregnant her hair will be strong and beautiful and this is due to the fact that she is not losing hair as she normaly does.You will not lose your hair and it will be very dense.However, once the baby is born dramatic hormonal changes happen and one of the results will be extreme hair loss.

The things which increase the number of hairs lost is the stress and the emotions of having a new born baby.

Since you have a new born baby you will have to breast feed him.By doing this you will consume your reserve of nutrients and you will have severe hair loss.This does not mean that you should not breast feed.

The solution to all this is to eat properly and to use products aimed to make your hair grow back.Make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals from your food and get plenty of rest.Try a new hairstyle that is practical and suitable for this period that you are passing.

All in all stay calm, do not stress yourself because everything will be just fine.Keep in mind that what you are experiencing,meaning hair loss, it is something normal after you have just had a baby.Take care of yourself with the treatments that we have adviced you and your hair will grow faster that you can imagine.Last but not least take care of your baby.