Hair loss treatments


The causes of why you lose your hair can vary but the up side thing is that there are numerous treatments to fix this problem. You can choose from surgical treatments to products you can buy from the market. Different treatments have of course different prices which mean that surgical treatments are the most expensive followed by the products found in the supermarket or drugstore.



If you are now experiencing hair loss the first thing you should do in get to the root of the problem. If you have a disease or don´t eat enough foods rich in vitamins and minerals this could be your answer. The good thing about this factors is that after you have eliminated the cause you can rest assure that your hair will grow back.


Here are some treatments for women and man to use for their hair loss


1. Provillus

This is a medication produced by Provillus wihich helps individuals who experience hair loss.This medication feads the dead folicules in order to bring them back to life and also stops further hair loss.The Provillus has been developed for both men and women.

2. Bosley Medical Institute

This institute provides procedures of hair transplant for both men and women but only in the united States of America.The center was founded by L. Lee Bosley in ´74 and it is said to have the most experienced doctors in this field.

3. Crinagen

Crinagen is a natural treatment which consists of a gel with tropical components claining to reduce your hair loss.It was developed by Dr. Razack.

4. DermMatch

This product claimes to streghten your hair ,making your hair look natural and overall healthy.The company which distributes this product also has a foundation called American Hair Loss Foundation.

5. The Folligen

This product is known worldwide and can be found in different formulas:you can buy lotions or creams.The product line is being distributed by the company Skin Biology.

6. The Regenix

This hair loss treatment is said to be one of the most efficient produts on the market today.It is being distributed on shelves by Regenix® Hair Clinic.For a better result the company has come un with a clever program which basicaly means that you can send to their clinic fiber of your hair so that they can make the products better for you.

7. Revivogen

This treatment targets people with a high level of DTH which in most common in men.The product is shipped through the Advanced Skin & Hair company.