Healthy Food Found In A Seafood Restaurant


Seafood is one of the most nutritious types of food. The main benefit of eating such food is the fact that it contains Omega 3 acids which are known for their heart benefits. According to some studies just one portion of seafood a week is likely to decrease the chances of a heart attack by 50 %. However delicious and nutritious as seafood is, we rarely find in our fridges. However there are a lot of restaurants that include seafood in their menus and some of them are solely dedicated to the seafood cuisine. So if you find it to troublesome to purchase and cook seafood in your home you should at least go to a seafood restaurant once a week. This is a simple thing that you can do for your body in the present which will return a lot of benefits in the future.

When choosing to go to a seafood restaurant there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. First of all make sure that you are not sensible to it. If you ever had a bad reaction to seafood you should ask your doctor what types of seafood you are allowed to eat. Furthermore a lot of people are worried about the origin of the seafood. For example the golf area restaurants were deeply affected by the BP spill and although restaurant managers assure their clients that their ingredients are thoroughly tested, people still are reluctant to order seafood. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that see food is relatively expensive compared to other types of food. However the price is correlated to the nutritious benefits of this type of food. Although the economy crisis is affecting everyone it is all right to splurge once in a while especially if you are doing so in order to maintain your good health.

A lot of people view see food like a fancy food and are unaware of the many benefits of this type of food. If you happen to find yourself in a seafood restaurant you should know the individual benefits of each dish. Aside from the Omega 3 acids which are contained by most seafood there are also a lot of other nutrients present in this type of food. For example crabs also contain selenium,calcium and chromium. However this type of seafood is kinda high in cholesterol so you shouldn’t indulge yourself with it too often. Squid contains copper, zinc, iodine and B vitamins.

Combined, these nutrients will help the body absorb iron better, will ease migraines a and help build your bones . Oysters are high in zinc and protein which improve the mood as well as reproductive and sexual functions. Mussels are full of selenium, iron, iodine and zinc which make it a great aliment for people suffering from hypothyroidism. These are just a few aliments from the great variety of seafood available in restaurants. Another great benefit of going to seafood restaurants is that you can learn some cooking tips. Most seafood is prepared in a very simple manner and you can deduct the recipe just by looking at the dish. If you are not a great chef, you can try some fish soup recipes which are both nutritious and easy to make. The sea food recipes are rarely displayed on the menu but if you get friendly with the restaurant staff, you might be able to go home with some great fish soup recipes.