Home Remedies to Make Your Hair Healthy


Having a healthy hair is very important for both women and men. Your hair is damaged every day by the high or low temperature, humidity, dust. It can be serious affected also by the sunlight or by ourselves using hair dye.

In these conditions, taking care of our hair is very necessary because it can prevent the hair loss, or shag.

We present you some home remedies made by natural ingredients so you can have the healthy hair that you desire so much.

–  Against hair loss: 2 tablespoons olive oil + 1 egg yolk + a few drops of lemon (a vial of vitamin C which strengthens the hair), then homogenized apply on clean hair, cover with a helmet bath and stand 45 minutes, then wash with shampoo;
–  Against hair loss and dandruff: 500 grams cedar dust (from pharmacy) + 2 egg yolks (depending on hair length) + a few drops of lemon.
Add the roots 15 minutes and then shampoo. Repeat once a week / 3 times a month;
–  A hair more often and more glossy: 1 egg yolk 1 / 2 cup kefir + 1 onion fine breed + little alcohol.  Apply to hair and leave 2 hours, and shampoo not dry with hairdryer. Repeat 3 times per month.
–  Thin and damaged hair: conditioner + 2 tablespoons sour cream + 1 / 2 tablespoon wheat germ oil + 1 tablespoon lemon juice.
Mix and spread on wet hair after washing, cover with a helmet bath, stand 15 min. and then rinse. Apply once a week.

– Beautiful growth of hair: one handful of fresh nettle leaves fresh walnut, birch and shock and strain of celandine, place in cold water and put on fire until they reach boiling point. Rest: 3 minutes. With a medicinal soap and half of the resulting liquid wash your hair then rinse with water. The other half from amount is left to act a few minutes on head hair skin, without rinse the hair again with plain water.

– To strengthen the hair at the end of washing, rinse the hair with a wolf’s claw teaspoon tincture, diluted in a cup of warm water.
Packing dry and dull the hair oil.
Washing with shampoo, dry hair dryer, wind, sun and dust affects the hair, losing its luster. Packing with oil gives the hair shine. Apply oil either a few hours before washing either throughout the night, washing it then in the morning.

This is how you can keep your hair healthy.