Honeymoon Destination In U.S.


Nowadays couples pay more and more attention on their time spent together, due to the time-running society we are living in. Therefore they try to take advantage of every single minute of theirs and they act accordingly. As a result, honeymoon is a moment which is being paid more and more attention.



United States of America has always represented an attractive destination for the tourists worldwide. Starting with the American dream and finishing with all the accommodation facilities and the diversity of cultures, U.S. also represents a range of places of which most of us has thought at least once.

U.S. includes a range of impressive places that many people dream of. Classifying the destinations by rank, the first three of them would be in this order:

1. Hawaii – the most luxurious tropical island you could choose as a destination in your honeymoon. The shining sun rises all over the beaches, volcanoes and coastlines. The most romantic Hawaii resorts you need to see are Maui, Oahu, Lanai and Molokai. Even if the price is high, by the time you get there you are received with a warm pleasance. That’s why Hawaii still remains the number one destination you’re looking for to go to.

2. New York – who didn’t dream about going to the Big Apple at least once in his life? Shops full of fashion icons, unimaginable beauty Spas for women make them feel more than bliss. Being beautiful in your holiday with your soul mate is the most important wish for women, but for men too, why not? Walking down on the Empire State makes your dream become real.

3. Las Vegas – last but not least, Las Vegas has everything you dream about your honeymoon and even for your marriage. Maybe you have already heard of ‘Romantic Vegas Moments’, shows, ‘Vegas Spas’ (Four Seasons Hotel or Paris Spa by Mandara), shopping or nightlife brings to Vegas a plus of elegance and intimacy for couples.

These being said, we have the pleasure to wish you a very happy and unique honeymoon in U.S. and don’t forget to subscribe in case you want to share some of your memories with us. Each one of the destinations above can easily catch the attention of every single person, but when it comes to couples and honeymoon, they are definitely more appealing than any other destination in the whole world.