How Men Can Stop Hair Loss


Hair loss is a big problem for some men, because it can make them lose their confidence and feel unattractive, transforming them in unhappy people. Of course advertisers take advantage of these men`s feelings attached to hair loss and promise them miracles. Unfortunately, these miracles don`t occur, so the hair remains lost.

It is natural for hair to fall, because it is part of the aging process. While most men deal with hair loss as they get older, there are others who have to face this problem from their early 20`s. Generally, this is an inherited trait. Men should get used to the idea they are balding, because baldness is a process that cannot be easily prevented. In most cases, male pattern baldness is caused by the male hormone, testosterone, and can be regarded as a proof of virility.

There are some products available that can help men dealing with hair lose, but their effectiveness is limited, as they are not able to cure it.

Shampoos containing minoxidil are a good option. This substance works for some men and slows the hair loss process, but for almost 25% of men has proven to be completely unsuccessful. Anyway, for the remaining 75% of men it can have a significant effect. If you are among the lucky ones, your hair can grow back, but once you don`t use the product any more, the hair loss quickly starts again.

Hormone treatment is another alternative, but a tricky one. Studies reveal that, as a consequence of the hormone treatment they get, male and female transsexuals experience hair loss slowing or reversion. Still, for non transsexuals, the side effects are not desirable, so try the hormone treatment only if you prefer growing a bust instead of losing your hair.

Hair transplant surgery can successfully cover a balding scalp. The procedure is no so complicated. Plugs of hair from the sides of the head, where hair continue to grow, are taken and placed in the bold areas of the scalp. Real hair starts growing and masks the baldness, but it does not have an entirely natural look.

As you can see, there are not many ways to prevent hair loss, so there always remains the possibility to disguise the baldness. Some men use the comb over, but this may look weird when not done properly. Other alternative is wearing toupees or wings, but make sure they seem as authentic as possible.

Believe it or not, you can disguise baldness with spray. This spray is advertised like something it can cover thinning hair and baldness in an instant. This product sprays on your scalp tiny fibers that look similar like real hair. The cost for this spray is approximately $20.

Or you can just cut your hair short. After all, a short hair on a balding head can be both masculine and sexy.