How to Attract Women | Five Essential Lessons


Women are attracted to alpha males, the strongest one in the pack that can provide for her infants. More important than physical strength is emotional intelligence, meaning a healthy mind. A desirable man must be able to take care of himself so he can take care of his partner. These five lesson will teach you how to attract women without doing anything:

1. Be a strong independent man
A woman can easily spot an alpha male, even if he’s surrounded by others. In order to became a strong independent man, you need to find your path and work on your self image. Woman can tell if you’re an appropriate candidate in seconds. An independent man can survive on his own and provide for a family. If you are still living with your parents, consider getting your own place.

2. The first impression is the last one
If you want to know how to attract women on first sight, the key is to look beautiful and well groomed. There are numerous products especially designed for men like eyebrow shapers, moisturizers and hair mousse. Get a fresh haircut and make sure you use deodorant and perfume. If you want to date a beautiful woman, you need to be in good shape also. Work out on a regular basis, but don’t overdo it. Another important aspect is the way you dress. If you’re not confident on your fashion sense ask a girl to go shopping with you.

3. Be confident
Confidence is an aphrodisiac no woman can resist. Real confidence comes from the fact that you’re comfortable in your own skin and happy with the person that you’ve become. An aura of positivity can make a woman enjoy your company and want to spend more time together. Being funny is a great way to overcome timidity because you receive lots of strokes. Practice on your friends until it feels natural. If you increase the level of self-confidence, people will respect you more and the opposite sex will find you more attractive. However, if your confidence is shaken by things you have little control over, such as resistance or performance in bed, then you should read some VigRX Plus reviews, and try some medicine that can help you with most dysfunctions and allow you to reclaim your confidence and determination.

4. Respect yourself and others
If you don’t care what others think it doesn’t meant that you can behave inappropriately. Don’t leave your home badly dressed and without shaving. Stand up straight and choose your works carefully. If you curse you not only hurt others, but also damage your image. Be a gentleman and treat both women you are interested in and those that you don’t fancy with respect. If you are with a girl, don’t be judgmental or comment on how others look.

5. Learn to communicate
If you don’t know how to attract women, keep in mind that every woman wants to feel special and loved. If you say the right things you can charm anyone. Work on your diction and intonation by reading something in front of the mirror until words flow smoothly out of your mouth.