How to Become a Pro Baseball Player in 6 Steps


Many young men dream of becoming a major league baseball player, but just a few have what it takes to follow this difficult road. If you are passionate about baseball, motivated and are willing to work hard, follow these 6 steps and find out how to become a pro baseball player:

Step 1- Be prepared
If you want to know how to become a pro baseball player, you must first understand the life of a professional. The season stretches over a period of six month and trainings last another tho and a half months. To practice this game of endurance, talent and skill are not enough; one must work hard for years and learn discipline. Professional players are away from their families for almost half the season and play six days a week during that period.

Step 1 – Start playing
Start playing at an early age so you get used with the formal context of a team. Joining the little league is a great opportunity to get to know the game and practice regularly. Work on skills like hitting, fielding, endurance and base running. Protect yourself from shoulder and elbow injuries. If you feel any pain in your arm stop throwing, and until high school avoid throwing a curve because it can cause permanent shoulder damage.

Step 3 – Pick a position
Around the age of 13, pick a position and if possible work with an individual coach that was a former Major League Baseball player. Training clinics can also a good idea. Start a body-building and strength program, and choose a high school with a good baseball reputation.

Step 4 – Practice
If you want to know how to become a pro baseball player, practice is the key. The baseball basics must become your second nature. Perfect your skills and practice every chance you get. Working out is also important because it keeps you strong. An accurate, strong throwing arm and the ability to hit constantly are essential.

Step 5 – Play baseball in college
Choose a college that allows you to play while receiving a proper education. Some people get drafted directly out of high school, but without such an advantage, a college athletic scholarship is the best option. You need to have a backup plan in case of injury or other unpredicted circumstances. Work on perfecting your skills and seek opportunities to impress professional scouts.

Step 6 – Advance to “The Show”
The final step is to advance through the MBL Farm System. There are three levels, Single A (A), Double A (AA) and Triple A (AAA) . The amount of time required to advance varies, so be patient and work hard.