How to Buy A Car


Finding your dream car can be a challenging frustrating task. To make it easier for you we have prepared a few useful tips on how to buy a car:

Budget examination
Establish a price range and down payment that you can afford. If you need financing, let the dealership know your interest rate so that you can get a lower offer. Ask about the insurance and how much will the premium cost. The best period to buy cars is from July to October and the last weeks of December.

How to buy a car that you won’t regret later?
Car dealers want to make most of the money on a car and buyers want a good vehicle at a reasonable price. Before you go to a dealership make sure you research the model you desire and compare it to other. Check out other cars at various dealers so you get the best price.

Ask questions
Ask as many questions as you can and use a car history company to look up the vehicle identification number (VIN). It is important to have all the information before you decide to buy, like previous number of owners or mileage. You can also call the former owner if you can get their details.

Test drive
Test drive the car for at least 20 minutes to get the feel of it. Try it on different types of roads and check the proper functioning of the breaks. Mare sure it doesn’t have an engine noise and verify if the car is stable on the road. Turn on the air conditioning and lights to see if they function properly and take a peak under the hood to see if there is no home made wiring.

Ask for a history report
Another good tip on how to buy a car is to ask for a history report. You can order a CARFAX Vehicle History Report or Autocheck, and even consult the police about the car. This should tell you if the car is stolen or was involved in accidents.

Inspect the car
A very important step is the inspection of the car. Most people don’t have enough technical knowledge to make a proper evaluation. Refer to a mechanic to determine the state that the vehicle is in and if it’s not overpriced.


Once you are sure that you car has everything it needs, negotiate for a reasonable price. Car salesman make a tough negotiation because they know all the tricks, so be careful not to fall for these tactics. Some dealers could try to get more by asking you for extra charges once you decide to buy. Stick to your price and walk away if you feel mistreated.