How to Care for Outdoor Gardenias


Gardenia is a very demanding plant to environmental conditions. Buds are very sensitive and can fall due to weak light, excess of water, watering with cold water, currents of air or sudden temperature changes. It is true that gardenias are not easy to care, but here we will help you how to care for outdoor gardenias.

  • Gardenias need a wet environment for the crown. You can get this environment by placing the pot on a layer of gravel which is always wet. Thus the humidity reaches the leaves and not in the ground. This plant cannot stand excess of water in the ground, but in summer you should wet it frequently.
  • Gardenia has beautiful flowers and a strong fragrance. If during winter you protected it from frost, in spring the crown of the gardenia will be filled with flowers. With the condition to place gardenia in a light place, but not directly in the sun.
  • When is blooming do not spray water on the leaves. The buds are very sensitive to any humidity or light oscillation and fall as soon as something does not suit them.
  • The crown of the gardenia should be cut carefully. If you like its flowers you should let on each spring about 6-7 knots. During growth fertilize gardenia every two weeks with a fertilizer for orchids. The tools and fertilizers you use for the gardenia are very important, and since this is such a sensible plant, you should use quality garden tools that allow you to do a precise and accurate job. Investing in quality garden tools is important for anyone who wants to do proper gardening, and it is the basis of everything you will learn to do from then on.

If you know how to care for gardenias, it will worth every effort. Its thick green leaves contrasts strongly with the nice smelling white flowers.