How to Design an English Garden?


The British trends have conquered the world in all the fields. Whether we are talking about fashion, architectural or design styles, we must admit that the British have the right answers. If you are one of the many people infatuated with their style then you have probably always fantasized about having an English garden. Whether you want your back yard to look like a wild landscape or you want a fancy well structured flower design the first thing you need to do is make a plan. When learning how to design an English garden you must always visualize clear bordering lines and impeccably trimmed bushes.

The most important elements of English gardens are the bushes and live fences as well as the rock designs. British gardens often have rock fences, bridges, pathways or raised flower beds. In order to make sure that this gardening endeavor will not turn out to be a disaster you should first make a paper sketch. Measure your yard and try to do an accurate dimension plan. Focus on the pathways as well as on certain focus points. Place bushes and live fences alongside the pathways in order to give your garden a stylish touch.

The next point on your agenda should be the plants. In order to maintain a subtle beauty of the landscape try to only use two or three flower colors in the garden. The best thing to do is use traditional English flowers such as roses, foxgloves and delphiniums. Furthermore trees are also an important part of the English gardens. If you already have trees in your backyard you should make good use of them in the design. If you have no trees we suggest planting oaks and pines. It will take a while for them to grow but when they do it will be worth the trouble. If you are wondering how to design an English garden you must be prepared to invest a lot of time into it. Such gardens require extra attention. The plants should never be withered and the bushes should always be trimmed.

When you are considering how to design an English garden you must also give extra attention to the decorating elements. For example you can choose to place a water fountain in the middle of the yard or build a gazebo that you can use as a tea serving area. If you are looking for that country style you can go for wooden benches, shabby wooden gates or even an arcade covered with crawling plants.