How to Draw Manga Comic Books in 5 Steps


Manga comic books have a pre-history in the early Japanese art, but the style was developed in the late 19th century. There are many genres of manga comics like mystery, fantasy, action-adventure, romance and science fiction. Japan has a large ¥406 billion market for the publishing of mangas and it is also increasing in Europe and the Middle East. According to the Japanese language, the comics are drawn and read from right to left in black-and-white. The characters have exaggerated facial features expressed through a specific set of symbols. These 5 steps will help you create your own manga comic book:

Step 1 – Create a script
The first thing you need is a good story that will be interesting to read. Create original characters with their own background story and personality. You can add distinctive features like a scar or a special hairstyle. Think of an interesting plot that includes a problem and a solution.

Step 2 – Get the proper tools
It is important to have the right tools when drawing a manga comic book. The basic tools include a pencil and an eraser. You will also need a nib pen, ink and a G pen for characters. A kabura pen is usually used for the background and a brush is useful for inking larger parts. You also need paper, but make sure it’s not transparent.

Step 3 – Prepare the pages
Draw a 5.5 by 8.25 inch box on each page and panels within it. That is where the script lines will go. Write the name of the manga and the page number at the top of the paper. Keep in mind that the manga pages are read from right to left.

Step 4 – Draw the manga characters
You are now ready to begin drawing the characters. The manga is about 8 heads tall so that the small head gives the body a dramatic effect. Except for this, the proportions are pretty much standard. Start by sketching on a different sheet a wireframe with an upside down triangles for the torso and feet, ovals for the head, hands and joints and add pipes for the hands and legs. The anime characters aren’t very muscular and the women have thinner waists and wider hips. Copy the sketch on the comic book paper and draw the facial features, clothes and body definition. The manga standard eyes are big, the nose is small and the hair is oversized.

Step 5 – Draw the background
The backgrounds have realistic proportions unless the character is in action and it becomes an abstract pattern. Start with the buildings and after sketch objects in the back. Finish the manga comic book by inking over the drawing and erasing any unnecessary lines.