How to Fix Cracks in a Wall from a House Settling


Many times cracks appear in walls immediately after finishing the new paint. The origin of these cracks is in the wall plaster or in the drywall. In all these cases, there is a solution to fix cracks in a wall from a house settling.

If you’re a handyman or have some experience in constructions, then you can attempt to resolve the problem yourself. However, note that this job requires some time and effort and you will also need several specialized tools. Home construction Calgary companies can help you finish your project faster and guarantee great results, but you can take the following steps if you would rather do this on your own.

  • First, you need to clean the wall from paint and old plaster. It is essential to clean the wall to the entire length of the crack and a few inches around it.
  • Apply a layer of putty knife particularly for repairs. This is a paste of resin, pigments, emulsifiers and water forming a flexible film after drying. Glue a fiberglass tape over this thin layer. It is found in different sizes in interior design stores. Glue the tape over the entire length of the crack. This will serve to avoid the putty to crack, if the crack is in the wall. Apply another layer of putty knife over the tape and let it dry completely. The drying time is written on the product box. After drying, brush up the area with tape or abrasive mesh.
  • The last step is to prepare and apply paint with a small roller to cover only the repaired area. It is good to apply first a thin coat of paint, leave it to dry and then apply the second coat. If you apply colored paint, you should try to get exactly the same shade.

This method is used to fix cracks in concrete and to restore the aesthetic appearance of the home settling.