Fix lcd dead pixels


If your LCD screen has a dead pixel or stuck pixelmeaning a point on the screen that is always black or a constant color, this can usually be fixed. There are several methods used for fixing stuck pixels: the Software Method, Hardware Method, Pressure Method, Tapping Method and the Heat Method. You have to be careful in using these methods, not to damage the monitor. Below you will find the steps to follow for the Tapping Method.

* Turn on the computer and LCD screen.

* Display a black image on the screen, but make sure is not just a black signal. The black image will show the dead pixels very clearly against the background.

* Find a rounded pencil eraser.

* Use the rounded end of the pencil to apply slight pressure on the screen at stuck pixel until a white glow appears — don’t tap too hard. If the tapping doesn’t work directly on the stuck pixel, try moving and tapping around the stuck pixel and if the pixel flickers then you know where to focus the pressure technique.

* Continue tapping gradually until the pixel rights itself — 5-10 taps.

* To verify if the pixel is fixed, display a white image on your LCD screen, like an empty text document or send your browser to ‘about:blank’.

Many people have used one of these methods with success, but these techniques are not working in every case. The methods will fix stuck pixels, not dead pixels. If the instructions do not work, the next step is to replace the monitor.

The warranties for LCD screens will cover the replacement if the monitor reaches a certain number of pixel problems. However, if the damage is caused by rubbing the screen or by trying to open the monitor, you should contact the manufacturer before proceeding and see if you can get a free replacement.