How To Fix Your Golf Swing


People who play sports are under the impression that you can only get better by practicing. However, you will be surprised to discover how many useful things you can learn online that can help you improve your game. It is a well known fact that golf is a game of patience and precision. However no matter how much you practice it is quite impossible to always kick the golf ball perfectly. Therefore the main purpose of golf is to minimize your mistakes in order to reduce your failures. Whether you are a beginner who hasn’t yet mastered a perfect swing or you are an intermediate player who can longer connect to the ball we will give you a quick online golf instruction on how to fix your golf swing.

The first thing you need to do is go back to the basics and revise all the elements of the swing. You start by analyzing your grip as it may be the cause of your problem. When you grab the club with your left hand your thumb and your index should create and angle pointing up to your right eye (these instructions are for right handed people). On a scale of one to ten, your grip strength should be somewhere between two and four. Next you need to bend your knees a little. Your right foot should point straight ahead while your left foot should point a little to the left. Now you need to bring you arms as closely to your body as possible pointing your elbows towards your hips. When you perform the swing you should focus on rotating your hips towards the ball in order to inflict power to your shot. Don’t flip your hands when you hit the ball and continue the swing until the club is over your left shoulder. If you fulfill these conditions you will have no problems learning how to fix your golf swing.

There are a lot of rules when it comes to the body movements leading up to the shot and they can be quite confusing for a new player. Because of this, a lot of beginners are so caught up in their thoughts that they forget to concentrate on the actual shot. We hope that we can fix this through our online golf instruction. A great way to deal with this problem is to do a practice parallel swing when you are behind the ball. This way you will learn how to fix your golf swing without getting to cough up in the details. When you position yourself parallel to the ball try to pick an intermediate target a few feet in front of the ball and aim the club face towards it. In the same time pick a target in the distance a little to the left of your actual target. Once you pick your targets try to make an actual swing where you focus on all the body movements. After you do this walk closer to the ball and take the actual shot without thinking too much about it. You must try to redo the first parallel swing. This will give you the opportunity to combine technique and feelings in order for your swing to be less tense.

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