How to get pregnant fast


We have selected a couple of advices that will help you in your process of conceiving a baby.



1. If you want to get pregnant faster you should have sex at least three times a week. If you have regular sex you will increase your chances of having a baby. Some couples try to calculate everything like the ovulation period. It is true that women get pregnant during this period but sometimes they may not be ovulating when they are suppose to, so if you have sex three times a week that your chances of succeed will be greater.

2. Use a fertility monitor or an ovulation kit. If you use this method, the ovulation kit or the fertility monitor, you chances of getting pregnant will be bigger because you will know when it is the perfect time to start conceiving. For some women all the ovulation charts can be confusing but the ovulation kit is very simple and very accurate.

3. In order to get pregnant faster you have to have sex before you are ovulating not after. You only have one small period of time a month to get pregnant so don´t waste it. A woman’s egg survives about 24 hours while a man’s sperm lasts up to five days. So, having sex a few days before you ovulate will definitely increase your chances of success.

4. What ever you do don´t rely on the calendar method to predict your ovulating. The calendar method says that you will ovulate in mid cycle if you have a normal cycle of 28 days. So, the best period to have sex is on the fourteen. For many women this may not be the case so it is worthless to them. What you should do is use an ovulation kit because is based on your last period and it is more accurate.

5. If you want to make a baby fast you don´t have to rely only on the ovulation kit or on the chart because they can be in your disadvantage. For instance, if you use the fertility chart you can find yourself in the situation that you have missed the ovulation period because it took you some time to realize when you ovulate.

6. Before you do anything visit your doctor

This first step is very important because you have to make sure that you are in perfect health and that you don´t have any sexual transmitted diseases. If you are not healthy your chances of getting pregnant will become smaller. Your doctor will also prescribe you some vitamins for your conceiving period.