How to grow beans


Vegetables are very easy to grow and are a great choice if you’re a beginner in gardening. Because of their related with the nitrogen-fixing bacteria you have to know that beans are improving the nutrition of the soil where they were planted. If you want to know how to grow beans than you should read the instructions below not to spoil garden decoration:

  • The first tip in how to grow beans is choosing the right spot for their plantation. The perfect place for planting beans is a full sun spot. Beans enjoy a warmer climate. So the best thing you should do is to make a sun chart and find out the sunniest place from your garden. You have to know that beans also love humidity, so also choose a spot with a tree that can shade them, especially if you live in a hotter area.
  • The second tip on how to plant beans is to choose a type of beans that you would like to have in your garden. Choose wisely because they are so many types of beans. You should read about each type before planting. You will learn how to grow beans when you will start reading about each type.
  • Then you will have to decide how many plants you want and this decision will help you determine your place of planting the beans.
  • Another great tip in how to grow beans is to buy the seeds from a farmer. They are fresher and safer.
  • Then prepare the soil for planting. You will have to have a rich soil. And when it comes for beans, don’t overreact with the fertilization because you already read that beans will fertilize their soil.
  • When it comes of how to grow beans the number of the plants you’re growing is very important. Knowing that two plants can feed a person will help you choose the number of plants you will grow.
  • Then all you have to do is plant the seeds by putting them in a hole made with your finger and water them a little.
  • Knowing how to grow beans can be very easy. So, you have to know that plants need some support for when they grow. It will be better if you will put some poles made of bamboo to support the beans.