How to Grow Peppers


There is no garden in the whole world without peppers. Maybe there are few exceptions, but they remain insignificant comparing the multitude of places filled with this type of plants. Almost everybody knows how to grow peppers. And apart from their feeding function, they are also healthy and easy to grow. These are specific to Centre and North America and Asia, particularly to Thailand and China.

The main advantage of this plant is that it grows in only a few weeks and you are free to choose the taste you want. Maybe you prefer sweet pepper, or, on the contrary, you are one of the hot peppers lovers. In this case, you might be one of the Mexicans, Chinese or Thai people that are already used to this high level of hotness. If you know someone who loves either sweet or hot peppers, then you should know that pepper seeds make great garden gifts, especially for those who enjoy doing a little gardening.

The color is also another criteria that can help you choose the suitable pepper. The classic “plain old green” are popular ever since our grandparents lived and as time went by, science invented yellow and red types as well. Or maybe you prefer purple or orange.

However, keep in mind that sweet green pepper is not ready to be picked up. You have to wait until it becomes red you will notice the difference when tasting it. Only after the color has changed, you are allowed to ripe it.

In order to learn how to grow peppers, you have to make sure you have the following instructions checked. You need a space with much sun and compost, manure and a good fertilizer. It is said that pepper prefers the hot temperatures. You might want to keep this in mind if you are planning to give pepper seeds as garden gifts, as it would be a shame for them not to be able to use the seeds.

The plants need to be put into the ground at a 20 inches distance in the same row and a space of 30 inches between rows. Of course, according to the space you have, you can feel free to modify these dimensions. You will not need wet soil, because the pepper plants are moist soil lovers, particularly during the hot summertime.

Look for a fertilized that has a bigger concentration of Phosphorous and Potassium, because the plants will need those as they grow up. Make sure you will not add to much nitrogen to the plants, because they will bring a bushy look and only some fruits. Go and check whether you know how to grow peppers after having read the instructions we have given you! Good luck and good appetite afterwards!