How to Grow Strawberries


Do you know how to grow strawberries? Strawberries are considered to be among the fruits that appear first during springtime and they can be seen in almost every single garden. They prefer the medium temperatures, but recent studies have proved their appreciation for the weather in Alaska and Florida.

You have to look for some compost makers and fertilizers in order to start following the instructions. Garden shears are important as well. For the very beginning you need the strawberry plants. Feel free to take them from the nursery or a special magazine for plants. Check whether the plants are healthy and there is no virus within. They could seriously affect your garden.

The second step is to look for the right type of site. Make sure it is well draught and the sun can penetrate it easily. It has to modify its temperature easily and in case it has problems with the draining process, we suggest you to use special containers for strawberries.

We recommend you to check the pH of the soil and make sure it varies between 5.5 and 6.5. In the meantime, make sure there are no grass traces and dig within the soil almost 12 inches depth. The next step is to dig a seven inches wide place for every strawberry plant and this is how to grow strawberries. Make sure the roots are ok and the plant has its crown up higher than the level of the site. The roots must be put into the ground completely.

According to the type of strawberry you have, there are certain rules for the spacing process. For example, the “matted row” is to be applied for the most simple type. Look for a 18 inches distance between the plants in the same row and three inches distance between rows.

The “hill method” is recommended for strawberries that are expected to resist more. It is usually used in case you are running out of space. Leave a 12 inches distance among the rows and the plants and value the space you have the best you can. Make sure the plants are ok.

As the plants are growing up, pay attention to the viruses or the other pieces of grass that may appear from the soil and can harm them. As the strawberries ripen, take them all and enjoy your art piece! Do not let them overripe, because their taste will not be the same and you will lose part of its amazing flavor! Do you know now how to grow strawberries?