How to Lose Weight Fast


You need to lose a few pounds? Not sure what dieting would be more appropriate? You want a body more energetic, fuller of vitality, you want to feel lighter? Here’s what to do in a weight loss diet for a beautiful body model and a brighter and younger skin. Instead of water, drink orange juice, well roasted, up to 1 liter per day, and the remaining 1 liter will be unsweetened herbal teas. Here’s a dieting less common, but very effective.

This is the way for a healthy diet and a great method to lose weight fast.

– 7:00 – corn flakes with skim milk, a slice of low-fat cheese and 2 cups of orange juice

– 11:00 – some nuts

– 13:00 – Oriental salad with tomatoes, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, onions and olives, 1cup orange juice

– 18:00 – 2 glasses of orange juice mixed with a few drops of lemon juice

This is an example of dieting that you can try several times a week. Orange juice is rich in phyto-nutrients and vitamin will help you melt cools and calories. Soon results will be visible, especially if you do also sport and do not exceed 1000 calories per day.

From orange juice can be prepared several delicious sweets only good in fast weight loss diet such as boiled rice with milk sweetened with orange juice and pulp, or cocktail without alcohol or sugar extremely delicious. For example, if you give a party and invite friends home, surprise them with something new in terms of soft drinks: make a mix of strawberry, banana and kiwi, squeeze fresh orange juice and let to cool. Mix in a blender with a teaspoon of instant coffee, cold water and a dash of milk, then add the mix of fruit and turn off with orange juice.

Serve with ice and orange slices. In this way you will not ”be attentive” to your silhouette and you will lose weight fast, almost without actually realize that keeping a weight loss diet.

You should also be very careful choosing to lose weight. You should know that loosing fast and healthy weight can be very harmful to your body. Some diets are not exactly made for you, you have to give your body what it needs and not starve it.

This diet we presented you can be very benefic for your purpose to lose weight fast, but you have to give to your body another aliments that it may need.