How To Maintain A Golf Course


Golf is a very beloved sport across the world. Part of the reason why people love this sport so much is the fact that they can play it while enjoying beautiful landscapes. A lot of televised golf tournaments have raised the player’s expectations when it comes to golf court maintenance. Although hand mown greens and perfect flowerbeds can be quite nice to look at they are not necessarily a priority especially if your maintenance projects are on a budget. Furthermore a pleasant game of golf should not be directly proportional to the symmetry and perfection of the golf course. Today we are going to present the basic instructions on how to maintain a golf course.

Certain parts of a golf course must be checked on a daily basis. It is important to irrigate the golf course once a day. A good irrigation system is essential for the maintenance of the course as well as for saving money. A good golf superintendent should know the distribution uniformity of his irrigation system. Changing the sprinkler nozzles can improve the efficiency of an irrigation system and in the same time it can help save a lot of money. In order to keep a nice golf course you should also repair the greens on a daily basis. It is very common for the club to meet the ground when inexperienced players try to kick the ball. However the turf on this greens should be replaced at the end of each day. Although a more expensive solution, golf course owners could also provide their members with golf rangefinders, which would help players calculate their swings better and the distances between them and the flag, thus resulting in fewer swings and fewer chances of ruining the lawn. Moreover, a rangefinder can even indicate the player what type of club to use, thus further helping them avoid missing a swing. There are plenty golf rangefinders reviews out there that can help anyone buy a good product, and find one that is accurately priced.

There are some other tasks that a superintendent of a golf course should focus on each day. When learning how to maintain a golf course you must also give special attention to the bunkers. They should be raked at the end of each day. Furthermore under no circumstance should there be litter on the course so make sure that it is picked up as often as possible. Use trash receptacles in order to encourage the players to keep the golf course clean. You should also check if the water hazards are clean and are at appropriate levels. Last but not least , the daily maintenance should also involve a check of the divots. If they are broken they need to be replaced as soon as possible in order for the turf root to reattach. If that is impossible the former divot should be patched with turf seed and water.

Last but not least, when learning how to maintain a golf course you must also get familiar with aeration. A golf course should be aerated at least once a year( preferably twice) . Although this can disrupt the golf play it is vital to a proper golf course maintenance. It helps diminish water runoff situations and it encourages the growth of the turfs. After the aeration it is ideal to fill up the holes with a mix of fine topsoil, sand and even some seeds. This mixture is very helpful for speeding up the recovery of the greens. It takes at least 2 weeks and up to 5 weeks for the golf course to recover completely after the aeration. These are the basic steps of maintaining a golf course. Depending on the level of sophistication of your clients you can decide for yourself whether or not it pays to invest more money in maintenance.