How to make a comic


For a long time comic books were the modern alternative to fairy tales. They featured powerful heroes that fought the forces of evil. Even though comic books are not as popular as they used to be, a lot of people still enjoy reading them. If you are wondering how to make a comic book there are a couple of things you need to know.

First of all in order to learn how to make a comic you need to develop some basic drawing skills. Comic books are judged on their story as well as on their graphics. There are various drawing styles that can be applied to a comic book. To get yourself started study your favorite comics and try to copy the images. Once you master some basic drawing skills you can try to create an original character. Draw multiple sketches of the same character featuring different facial expressions and movements. It is important for your character to retain its main design characteristics in any circumstance. If your character is a super hero give special attention to his costume as it is a defining element.

The next thing you need is a great idea. This means that you need a general concept that you can develop in time. Although a comic book needs to follow a well structured storyline , there is a lot of room for improvising along the way. If this is your first comic book try to stick to a simple story in order to keep things easy to be understand. The story of a comic requires both structure and creativity. Writing skills are a must in order to keep the readers interested.

Once you have the idea develop the characters. Try to make a folder with each character featuring their special powers, their personality characteristics, their background and several drawings in different situations. Once you create the characters try to elaborate the relationships between them. The characters’ background will be the foundation on which the story is built and their relationship will be the elements that develop the story. Furthermore keep in mind that every great story needs a villain so give special attention to this particular character.

Inspiration and exercise are both equally important to the quality of the comic. When learning how to make a comic make sure you always carry around a notebook and a pencil. This way you can draw whenever you feel inspired. Another good tip for making a comic is to reread your materials. As you develop the story you may forget some of your initial ideas. By rereading the material you can revise and improve some aspects of the story.