How to Move From Dating to a Relationship


The first dating is the one in which are the first impressions. There are several steps that must be completed to make sure you have a chance to move from the first date to a relationship. Good things need time and patience, so to get to a relationship you must take it step by step.

  • Try to express your feelings. Most dates are proving to be a failure because none of the partners has the courage to say directly what they want. If your goal is to try to have a relationship, tell your partner about your feelings. If your partner wants a relationship, he or she will tell you. Your partner should tell you from the beginning he is more interested in a relationship without implications, in this way you will know what to expect not to suffer later when he will not answer the phone.
  • Do not lay great store only upon passion. It is very important to realize that physical attraction is not the only criterion to engage in a relationship. On the contrary, it seems that relationships based on sex and on physical attraction tend to last less, because they are not based on an emotional connection. In long-term relationships, the love between partners in based on trust, affection and physical attraction. To love a person you must know that person quite well, so give yourself time to do that.
  • Listen to your heart. You probably heard this many times, but simply feel if your partner has managed, somehow or another, to touch your heart. Maybe your partner said or did something admirable, maybe you had a very nice time together. All these contribute to a future relationship and can be your first memories together. Often, women who are in relationships and have a happy relationship say they have felt that their partner is the one since the first date. Even if you do not believe in love at first sight, listen to your heart and do not ignore the signals your heart sends you.

There are no rules or indicators that can show us whether a date can truly turn into a long-lasting relationship, but there are signs we can try to interpret. However, these things are best developed in time, and comparing your own experience with relationship quotes can lead to confusion. Indeed, it can be helpful to read relationship quotes, because they are usually profound or observant remarks made by intelligent personalities, and sometimes they speak to us and our own circumstances. But they are much like the horoscope in that respect; they may be true for a small percentage of people, but for the rest they are just misleading. All in all, it is best to have patience and see how things evolve without trying to push them in a certain direction.