How to plan a wedding on a budget


Contrary to expectations, you do not have to spend a lot of money to organize a beautiful wedding; you only need to be well organized and informed. There are certain expenses you cannot avoid and hope to get some discounts, but you can manage to stay within a budget, if you plan your wedding carefully and keep track of all your expenses. However, planning a wedding on a budget is difficult and not that many people are prepared to take on the challenge, which is why they prefer to spend more money from the start on a specialist and get it over with rather than stressing about everything. The alternative would be to use an online wedding planner like


Find a good online wedding planner

If you wish to save money, the first thing you need to do is to forget about a professional wedding planner. Although convenient and sometimes even lifesaving, hiring someone to organize your wedding is a service you cannot afford, not to mention that asking them to stick to a very limited budget will probably make them refuse your offer anyways. Nevertheless, you can replace this type of services with a wedding planning application. The surest way of keeping up with the wedding preparations without suffering from a breakdown is using an online wedding planner. The browser web software or mobile application will help you keep track of everything from the money you have spent, the preparation you have completed and have yet to complete, the guest list, the seating arrangements, wedding suppliers, music, food and drinks, as well as photos. If you have a clear picture of what has been accomplished and what you still need to do in order to achieve your goal, you will be able to organize your tasks better and avoid making mistakes. What is more, you will not feel the need to rush things and think twice before booking expensive revenue. There is always a cheaper alternative, so depend on your wedding planner to organize your thoughts and make great decisions.


Go minimal with everything


If organization is essential for a budget wedding, extravagance is what will ruin all your plans. It is only natural to dream of a fairy tale like wedding, but that does not necessarily involves hiring a carriage driven by white horses and filling the wedding venue with red roses. Sometimes, less is better. You and your partner should be the centre of attention that day and the décor should discreetly complete the picture of bliss you two draw. You can manage to create a stunning atmosphere with few decorations, as soon as you pick them carefully. Minimal décor requires experience and skill, but you can find tips and tricks online. You can replace the expensive floral decorations with crafts and place candles on tables rather than hiring someone to deliver lighting play. A clean and tasteful décor will not only save you money, but also impress your guests and make them feel welcomed. If you exaggerate with the flowers and frills, food and drinks, your wedding will become tacky.