How to Plant a Perennial Flower Garden


If you want to have a beautiful and well arranged garden you should plant perennial flowers. Perennial flowers are among the most popular due to their ability to bear fruit for years, having a strong and persistent root that always develops a new strain. These flowers are scented and they are a good option for people who want a colorful garden, without being forced to grow plants every year. Here is what you need to know about perennial flowers and how to plant a perennial flower garden.

  • You can buy perennial flowers throughout the year, especially from flower shops, where they are sold in small pots. Cultivating a perennial flower takes time and some seeds germinate only because of a special care.
  • At the end of autumn, in winter and in early spring many perennial flowers do not grow at the soil surface, so it’s like buying a pot only with soil.
  • Planting perennial flowers should be done in early spring or autumn. Perennial flowers in pots of 10cm height may be small, but are easier to grow than large plants or mature and are more likely to adapt quickly to new environment.
  • Specialized centers or flower shops is possible to give you a limited variety of plants and that is why it is important to look into other sources to buy flowers, such as catalogs. Among favorite perennial flowers are yellow or orange lily, geranium and sage.
  • The flowers must have a good health, and the signs are: green leaves, healthy, recently appeared or at the soil surface or on the stem. If you want to buy a perennial flower in a favorite color it is advisable to buy it already blooming.