How to Plant Decorative Grasses


Many people like to plant ornamental grasses to beautify their gardens and for this they apply to varieties of grasses, tall or small according to their preferences, but they have to consider that these cannot be planted in any period of the year, properly is at the beginning of the summer or in the end of winter. Most prefer to use decorative grasses because they are not difficult to maintain and they do not need a special type of soil.

Follow the next instructions:

1. Decorative grasses are developing well in a sunny place and very dry, a shady place will lead to a very slow growth. Plant them in spring, but if you live in a south climate it is better to plant them in fall.

2. Treat soil with two sacks of fertilizer per 100 m² to help the grass develop faster and be dense.

3. Be careful when you remove the grass from containers, because the roots are very fragile and they can break easily.

4. Plant the grass at an approximate depth as it was in the container, in a hole not wider or higher than the root container.

5. You must take into account that that grasses must be planted at a certain distance depending on the height, for example if the grass is 4 feet tall, the distance has to be 4 steps.

6. The grass must be wetted once a week with a more or less quantity of water depending on the type of grass.

7. At the end of winter and beginning of spring cut the grass and use again two sacks of fertilizer to feed the soil with nutrients.

It counts very much the period in which you plant the ornamental grass, there is the risk that planted in an inappropriate time the roots will not take hold before winter arrives or they will not grow fast. Another important advice is not to plant them around the house because in the fall they can easily take fire.