How to Repair a Leaking Bathroom Sink


Sometimes under the bathroom sink ‘surprises’ are waiting for us, because rarely we think to check something hidden from view. Water leaks often go unnoticed until it gets worse: the few drops that we see are a signal that something has crack or has become loose. Therefore, here is how to repair a leaking bath sink in time.

  • How to identify where the crack is: Remove water from the pipes and installations joints with a napkin or a dry towel, and then look for a place where there is a spot or spots of moisture. If you cannot identify the place, open the faucet and turn on the water, let it run and check again after wet spots. Do not forget to check the joints and valves: it may not be about a crack, but a weakening of ties or threads.
  • How to repair the leaking sink: If leakage occurs near a thread, tighten the thread and check again, turning on the water. If the water drops do not stop, you will need to replace the thread or the gasket. If the crack is somewhere along the pipe, you have several solutions. A remedy is to use resin-based solutions, which are prepared before use and there are applied around the pipe. To apply this solution, see the steps indicated by the manufacturer. Another solution would be to isolate the crack with a rubber band, tightening well with a collar around the pipe. Both methods prevent water to leak outside.

These are simple methods at hand to repair a leaking bath sink, but if the problem is more advanced, call a plumber to replace pipes and resolve the leaking problem.