How to Repair Damaged Hair


Damaged hair can be a real problem for young girls and women, because they permanently want to be attractive and stand out in any situation, and with a dull hair, fragile and completely without shine this becomes a real frustration to them. This is why we come helping you as much as we can and try giving you some tips to render to your hair the strength, luster and beauty.

Follow the steps bellow:

* 1. Try cutting your damaged hair in the first place. Once a month the hair must be cut to regenerate.

* 2. Apply a hair mask that you can prepare at home, from: an egg, some olive oil and two or three drops of lemon and use it once a week to help have a healthy hair. Mix them in a bowl and then apply the composition starting with the ends. Wait for ten minutes, wash the hair removing the mask and after that use shampoo.

* 3. Another tip is to apply vitamin E on your hair. You can buy it from pharmacy and use it in combination with your regular shampoo. Four or five capsules of vitamin E can do wonders to your hair.

* 4. When you dry your hair do not use the high-heat setting on your dryer because you risk damaging your hair. Try the same with the hair irons.

* 5. Wash your hair two times a week. Washing your hair less will not affect it so much.

* 6. Try shampooing the hair after coming from the beach or swimming, because salty water can damage your hair.

* 7. Beside these, try avoiding brushes or any other devices used in beauty salons for curling or straightening the hair, avoid dying the hair too often and use less any other products that instead of making good to your hair is damaging it.

In conclusion, to repair your damage hair use a homemade mask, it is not chemical, use a comb, it is not so aggressive with the hair, handle your hair with care not using so much the beauty salons devices; as natural as better.