How to Start Online Shopping Business in 5 Steps


Nowadays people are working long hours and don’t have time to go grocery shopping or buy Christmas presents for the whole family. Busy successful people know that time means money so they prefer the services of a reliable personal shopper with good taste. Personal shoppers are also demanded by seniors that are homebound or people with a medical condition. If you want to know how to start online shopping business, we have prepared 5 easy steps that will guide you:

Step 1 – Decide what you are going to sell
The personal shopping service is highly demanded because people just don’t have time to go grocery shopping or can’t decide what shoes go with that dress. Some people are unable to leave the house and many don’t like shopping. When you decide what services you will be providing, think about your target audience. Either you choose to be a personal grocery shopper, personal clothing shopper or commercial real estate shopper you will need people that require this kind of services.

Step 2 – Research
Once you decided what kind of business is best for you, research other websites to get an idea of the competition. Take a look at the main online marketplaces where you plan to advertise your business and see if there are other similar ones.

Step 3 – Get certified
An important step on how to start online shopping business is to get certified. You can do this through the Association of Image Consultants International if you want to be a personal clothing shopper. There are three levels of training and certification that will help build up credentials.

Step 4 – Online Marketing
Every business needs headquarters, and in this case, your webpage is the office. Place all promotional materials like brochures, flyers, business cards on the page so potential clients can read about the services you offer. To gain their trust join online groups and get to know what they want. Don’t use aggressive marketing strategies, just add a signature line that includes some details about the business. Maybe you will find other people that want to work for you as a personal shopper. If you don’t know how to start online shopping business marketing process, partner with other websites and ask them to place a section on their homepage about your services.

Step 5 – Start selling
Once your webpage is up and running you can list the prices, shipping costs, and payment methods. Use the contacts you’ve made to get clients and even ask your friends to spread the word!