How to Treat Pneumonia with Natural Remedies


Pneumonia is a lung disease characterized by the inflammation of the lungs and is caused by bacteria, viruses or chemical irritants. It is a serious infection or inflammation of the air sacs filled with pus and other fluids, and can be extremely dangerous.

There are several natural remedies against pneumonia, that will help you in your fight against this disease.

In internal consumption have good effects herbal infusions, taken separately or in mixtures from elderflower, lime, primrose, marshmallow, candles, herbal hyssop, thyme and sage, colts foot, plantain, hawthorn fruit, anise and underbrush, comfrey root and knot weed with emollients and antibacterial action.

It may take daily three tablespoons of white wine, diluted with hot water, which macerate the roots of comfrey. Good results are obtained with pine oil (25 drops 2-3 times each day with 20-30 minutes before meals in a course of 2-3 weeks). During convalescence it is recommended hot tea, fortified with rose hip, sea buck thorn, primrose, lemon balm or lime, sweetened with honey.

Externally are made packs to the chest or back with horsetail extract, plantain and colts foot, compresses and poultices Swedish bitter boiled linseed seed (in 4 sessions per day) or black mustard flour, applied daily on the chest, with effects revulsion. Are beneficial frictions chest and back with St. John’s Wort oil or alcoholic solution of mint and lavender, in the febrile period.

In some areas use fresh cheese poultice, applied to four rounds per day of 20 minutes.

After the state of fever disappeared, general baths can be made with thyme and black mustard (100-200 g seeds placed in a gauze bag, which is immersed in hot water the bath5 minutes before that lasts 20 minutes). After bathing, the body is not cleared by a towel in a it is dressed thick bathrobe and pass in the warm bed to sweat profusely.

To clear the airways will be warm inhalations with essential oils of fir, pine and sage, thyme and eucalyptus.

The diet should include plenty of fluids (hot soups, fruit juices), fruit salads and fresh fruits rich in vitamins and minerals (lemons, oranges, grapefruit, blackcurrant, blueberry, etc.). It is also recommended honey, yeast, wheat germinated and oatmeal.

These natural remedies will help you recover from pneumonia, but you should know that pneumonia is a serious disease that can have plenty complications, so it is recommended a medical consult. Moreover, getting some life insurance quotes in order to find the best insurance policy for health should also be a part of your plans if you are prone to getting ill. In situations like these, the insurance premiums can cost you a lot less than hospitalization would; so get some life insurance quotes from insurance companies in your country and see which types of policies would cover you best.

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