How to Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important tool for a website producer, but unfortunately there is no algorithm that should be applied in order to obtain certain successful results. However, there is a range of criteria that after being followed accordingly will help you improve your results in the searching engine.

In our days what experts believe is not always the best opinion to take into account. This is why while working for a better number of engine results we recommend you to focus on what your intuition tells you. You need simple keywords, that lead directly to the subject and the readers will always be interested in easy-to-read pieces of writing, rather than difficult and stilted.

We suggest you to use meta tags, but not in excess. There have been reported many abuses in search engines and this fact lead to the reduced use of them. Use the keyword in the title and include other secondary keywords, but try to make the content seem smooth-writing. The headings are also important for the specific of the keywords and try to vary the number of repetitions between a percent of 2 and 5 from the total number of words.

Try to repeat the keyword two times in the first lines, then only once in the next and complete the number of repetitions, trying to follow the indications above. Images and text are important as well, but you have to use them according to certain rules. Between 250 and 600 words are enough to assure the information you want and with the indications for SEO, your results will be better and better. We suggest you to focus on the general aspect and content of your site, rather than on the step-by-step instructions.

SEO is a very useful field, mainly in you work in the web industry and if you feel that your work needs to be rewarded somehow. A big number of clicks on your site can provide you with a nice amount of money and it leads to satisfaction and motivation for more and more. As you have already seen, we have tried to teach you how to understand search engine optimization and it doesn’t seem to be too difficult. You need some patience and self-confidence and the rest comes within.

Keywords, images and content – these are the three elements of SEO to follow!