How To Write A Diary


Before starting to write a diary you need to understand a few things. Writing a diary is a commitment to yourself. Whether you are writing in it because you need to talk to someone or you just want to document you life there are certain rules that you need to follow. The most important rule when learning how to write a diary is to always be truthful. A diary is an in depth analysts of yourself therefore it looses its purpose if you are not writing the truth. It may be hard at first to confide your secrets to a notebook but in time it will get easier.

A lot of people have problems with confessing their secrets even to an inanimate object. In order to face these fears you should try to take a few safety precautions. For example you can buy a diary with a lock. You can either keep the key in a hidden place or you can attach it to your key chain or your necklace. If you still are afraid that someone might someday read it you can try writing in a code. This way you will be sure that even if somebody was to read it they wouldn’t really understand what it is about. However we have advice you that putting your most private thoughts on paper can have a very relaxing effect. It is like taking a stone from your heart.

One of the most important qualities that you need to have in order to learn how to write a diary is perseverance. If you tell yourself that you will write whenever you feel like, you are likely to forget about the diary. Instead try to impose yourself to write on a daily basis. The best time of the day for diary writing is in the evening or at night. This way you can describe your whole day. However a diary is bound to be more accurate if you write it several times a day. This doesn’t have to be a burden. You can carry the diary with you and write in it whenever you have a free moment.

When considering how to write a diary you need to be able to express yourself freely. Try not to follow any writing rules. Instead you can just write whatever comes to mind. If you are having problems finding inspiration, you can start by describing you day step by step. Another thing you can do is write about the way you feel and what makes you feel that way. Furthermore feel free to personalize your diary with drawings, photos, poetry or souvenirs ( movie tickets from a really great first date, flower petals…). Last but not least don’t forget to reread your old diary entries from time to time. This way you can see how you have changed.