How to Write SEO Articles Fast


If you like writing online, then you should think of getting some money from your work. The online world is wide and it offers huge opportunities. Rather than sitting on the couch all day and watch TV, you could employ your writing skills and make a profit. When it comes to writing articles, you have to keep in mind the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is extremely important when it comes to talk about this topic.

You have to know where to put your keywords, which writing speed to use and what type of content to use, your writings will be in vain. Millions of people will not get the chance to see your work due to the bad use of SEO techniques. The SEO articles written by your competitors will win even though your work may be more valuable than theirs. We recommend some steps to follow in order to obtain some moderate-easy SEO articles.

The first point is to think of the most appropriate keywords. Think of five of them that you will repeat through the article and use them in the title as well. Try to place them in the beginning of the article or in the end of it. Also think of synonyms and use them, because Google appreciates it.

Another point is to try to respect the number of articles you write every day. Your readers will appreciate your responsibility and the respect you prove to them by working constantly. Think of the topic of the article you have just read and choose some keywords. Look on the engine results and try to find what you need to add in advance so that your article is one of the first ones that appear in the range of results. Look for successful SEO articles and use their techniques in order to make your own successful pieces of work. Try to search in one day and to start working again the other one. Maybe your mind and imagination need a few hours to create new ideas and contents for SEO articles. If you are to write about a certain sport like baseball for example try to search the sites for articles related to the rules of this game playing or to the players involved in this game or any other things that offer to the viewer valuable information about this game and about the drills it involves and then make original articles for your own readers.

Make a short description of your site and copy the URL of the site. Add them in a document and use it for anyone who wants to find out in a short text the content of your site. The speed of writing counts a lot, mainly if you try to write as fast as you can without taking care of the mistakes or the information you offer. After having written, start editing the article as we have taught you and there you have your SEO article.