In Vitro Fertilization Costs


The cost of in vitro fertilization is relatively high and depends on a series of factors such as location, additional procedures to the basic IVF treatment, and fertility clinic fees. It is recommended to do a serious research and compare prices, see if all is inclusive and take into consideration the fertility specialist`s advice.

The basic cost for IVF is generally the same in the USA, ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 per treatment. The medication is included, but the total price varies depending on the patient`s circumstances and clinic history.

The average cost for basic IVF procedure is approximately $12,000. The cost becomes higher in case you need additional assisted reproductive treatments. Some of these reproductive technology procedures and their prices are the following:

  • ICSI procedure (s single sperm is injected into an egg) costs about $1,000
  • Embryo freezing and storage
  • Donated sperm costs from $200 to $3,000
  • PGD, or genetic testing of embryos costs $3,000
  • Using egg donor may increase the price by $25,000 to $30,000 for one cycle
  • The least expensive of the donor options is the embryo donation. This procedure can be even cheaper than the regular IVF cycle, as it costs from $5,000 to $7,000. In this case, the embryo has already been created, while opting for an egg donor and sperm donor, and having the embryo made especially for your cycle is very expensive.

In the research process pay attention to what your insurance policy covers. Generally, insurance policies do not cover IVF costs, and if they do cover it, they may not cover the entire price. Contact your insurance agent and discuss your options. Your insurance policy probably covers some specific treatments related to infertility.

There are other financing options to take into consideration in case your insurance does not cover the bills. The majority of fertility clinics offer multiple payment plans and financing options in order to make IVF more affordable for couples that have decided to have a child using this fertility technology.

If you qualify for a refund program and you do not get pregnant after three of four IVF treatment cycles, the clinic will refund part your money. To have access to the refund program, the set fee you have to pay is generally from $20,000 t0 $30,000. The terms of the refund program depends on the clinic.

A successful cycle is considered to be a positive pregnancy test or a successful birth. If the refund program stipulates that a successful cycle means a positive pregnancy test, in case you have a miscarriage, you do not get the money back and another treatment cycle is no longer possible under the program. Consequently, read carefully the terms of the refund program.

In comparing the prices of clinics, focus on their success rates. So that you have a clear understanding of the success rates, it is important to know there is a major difference between the pregnancy rates and the live birth rates. Verify the statistics before making the decision. Even if you are tempted to choose a clinic because it is cheaper, if the success rates are low, you may require more IFV cycles, so the overall cost substantially increases.