Interesting fact about good parenting


Being a parent can be a rewarding experience. However the journey is full of surprises and even hardship. Although we all want to be good parents we sometimes struggle to find the energy and resources to do it. The most important fact about good parenting however is that perfection is not an option. The great thing about happy families is that they are so wonderfully imperfect. Don’t set impossible goals for you or your child. Be patient and take parenting one day at a time.

A false fact about good parenting is that having a baby means that you need to alter your existing relationships in order to make room for the new one. On the contrary, even if your child is the most important person in your life you must integrate him in your life and not the other way around. An essential thing you must understand is that you and your partner are the foundation of your family therefore nurturing your relationship is important. Don’t be afraid to show affection to your loved one in front of the children. This way they will be able to form a model of a healthy relationship and will develop an emotional stability which will later guide them in life towards building strong and healthy relationships. Furthermore try to take some time alone with your partner once in a while. Send the kids to the grandparents or hire a nanny and have a night out just the two of you.

Unconditional love is essential to the development of your child, Do not be misguided into confusing spoiling with showing affection. Your child must be constantly reassured of your love. Being cold with him will only create a barrier between you and your child. Another important fact about good parenting is that patience is a virtue. Children sometimes act irrational and keeping your calm in such situations can prove to be quite challenging. However children don’t develop skills such as patience, empathy, flexibility or coordination until certain ages and getting mad at them will not speed up the maturing process.

There are some parenting methods that can be quite damaging to your child’s emotional and intellectual development such as spanking, letting a child cry out or applying punishments. The last one is a widely used technique to correcting child behavior. However punishments don’t teach children why their actions were wrong and how they affected other people. Furthermore most parents focus on the discipline rather than improving a relationship. A less known fact about parenting is that when a child defies you that means that your parent-child relationship is starting to suffer. Your child is no longer respecting your decisions and that should be an alarm signal. When trying to resolve arguments treat your child like an adult. Try to find compromises and show him that you also respect his wishes.