Interior Design Concepts


Interior design is a field that combines the basic design concepts in order to create organized and visually appealing spaces where people can carry out their activities. However in order for a space to be both functional and beautiful it needs to abide by a few interior design concepts. Before starting any design project you need to understand these concepts in order to be able to express your ideas.

The first thing you need to consider is what feeling to you want a room to evoke. Are you dealing with a boring and cold living room and would like to make it warmer and more comfortable? Do you have a very crowded home office and would like to turn it into a modern organized space? As long as you have a clear idea of what feeling you want to inspire you can achieve any decorating purpose. As a general characterization a bedroom should inspire tranquility, an office should be well structured and organized and the living room should inspire comfort.

Dimension is one of the most important interior design concepts. The proportions of a room’s interior design must always be correlated with the overall architectural concept. Balance and symmetry are also essential to all designs. For example a very tall antique furniture would be out of balance in a medium sized apartment. On the other hand it would look very well in a tall house with classic architectural elements. Small rooms should use small scale furniture in order for the place to seem wider.

Other elements of the fundamental interior design concepts are patterns, textures and colors. These are the elements that inspire a certain feeling or mood. Furthermore color give a space a sense of unity. A good design concept uses at least one main color, a secondary color as well as two or three incidental colors.

An interior design can either feature one predominant style or combine more styles. Although a lot of people take pleasure in integrating antique furniture in a modern decor, this isn’t a job for everybody. Mixing and matching different styles can be quite challenging. Not everybody has the ability to harmonize a bizarre piece of furniture in a seemingly uncharacteristic decor. A lot of people choose a minimalistic style because it requires less maintenance. However even such a style requires a lot of intuition. While these type of designs combine fewer elements a designer must know which pieces should be highlighted and which should fade in the background.