iPad 3 release date


Many people are waiting impatiently for this latest release of Apple iPad, even though at first there were very few supporters for this type of products. iPads were thought to be imitations of smartphones and nobody was impressed with them. However, as time went by and new iPad versions were released, things went differently. People are talking now about an A6 processor and 4G LTE, when they hear of the iPad 3 release date.

We are now waiting for iPad 3 that is already considered a „retina display” and is thought to be launched no later than March, in collaboration with Sharp Electronics. Of all the information we managed to get so far, this new iDevice is thought to have 4-cores more than A5 dual-core. This is expected to be a high step made by Apple and a new progress in their technolgy.

iPad 3 release is seen from this moment with an innovative full-screen, with an advanced media experience and many graphics and animations. iBooks are now thought to be easier to be used with iPad 3, as a result of the slow motion experienced by the previous iPads. So what we want to see from the iPad 3 release is: an updated A5 processor, a higher price and a great screen resolution.

There are voices and voices that announce the iPad 3 release date in February, whereas there are others that expect it to be happening in March. However, the people who launched these rumors come from United States of America and Apple’s Asian network.

We tried to make a list with all the features included or not in the tablet. Will iPad 3 be released with Siri and iOS 5.1b3? For the moment there is nothing clear, but there are many possibilities. The specialists have taken a look on the iPad 3 prototype and it appears that it contains Siri Dictation elements.

We do not know what to think of Apple so far, as there are created new and new opinions with every new product released. I suggest you to think about what is going to come iPad 3 with? Do you think there will be new pricing standards? Do you think its display will make you love it more? Do you believe in 2048 x 1536 pixels? Did you know that this resolution comes up with a 400% progress? Wait for the iPad 3 release date and enjoy all its improvements! Get ready to pay a high price and be proud of your investment!