JetstreamHD for iPad


A new media app has been launched on the market the JetstreamHD for iPad which is a breath of fresh air in this category. The JetstreamHD for iPad is a high definition HD that will easily make you fall in love with it. The developer of the app is Nuvyyo, what they wanted it to create a program that accompany the iPad media hub just fine. Nuvyyo is a developer from Ottawa, Canada and was founded in 2010.The founders of the company are seniors in telecom and mobile industry.

What the JetstreamHD for iPad does is connect to the router you have and deliver high quality videos, movies, music and also photos from your home computer to your iPad. The router looks like a tower which you need to connect in order to work. The manufacturer claims that the device can send item through Wi-Fi or 3g iPad with no problems.

The JetstreamHD for iPad is a very useful application which allows you free download from the iTune store. The store will help you navigate through all the movies, photos, songs and TV shows it has to offer. The developer claims that the application offers smooth streaming no matter where you are.

You can download this amazing application with 199 $ along with a MSPR. For more information you should go inline and watch the demo video and see the screenshots. You do not need to pay any cloud fees when you transfer you data. Another thing about it is that you do not have a limit of storage space. The files you send are very safe because they can only be accessed if you give the permission.

For now the JetstreamHD for iPad is only available for the iPad but we are sure that pretty soon it will be available for iPhones and iPod. When you purchase the package it will include the device which you can connect to the computer with any Ethernet cable. If you want to use the app you will have to signed in via iOS app. By doing this you will secure your data, only you will be able to see the data and the ones you allow. The device has two USB ports that you can use. We hope that you will buy it or at least purchase it just to see how it is. Enjoy a new way of watching you movies and photos on your iPad.