Kenmore dishwasher


Most of the top rated dishwasher models from Kenmore have the feature that is called Elite Turbo Zone. This feature is found only at Kenmore dishwasher and with this your dishes will be washed with a power clean which can take care of the messiest jobs even the baked on dishes. While rotating the power jets spray and eliminate the need to soak and scrub your dishes. Getting your dishes clean and in the same time using less water and less energy is what makes these Kenmore kitchen appliances spectacular.

Another feature that Kenmore dishwasher has is the Kenmore smart wash. With the push of a button you can save yourself some energy, money and water. The size of the load and the “dirtiness” will be determined by a technologically advanced sensor that Smart Wash has. The Smart Wash feature is able to determine if the load is large or small and also can determine if the dishes inside are lightly or heavily soiled. After the load and the “dirtiness” are determined the sensor will determine how much water, energy and time will need to make sure that the dishes are perfectly clean.

Some Kenmore dishwasher models also have another feature called Ultra Wash System. With this feature you dishes will be cleaner. The feature is designed to rinse the dishes better.

To be sure that your dishes are clean and the soil removed won’t get back on the clean dishes the filtration system has a triple action filter.

The top rated dishwasher units from Kenmore also have Smart touch and that models are perfect for you if you have animals that like hopping on your appliances. That kind of models has a console that really liked me very much and I think it’s a state of art.

The Kenmore dishwasher is one of the kitchen appliances that makes your life easier. Below I will present to you some of the feature that you can choose for your Kenmore dishwasher:

• Giant Tub

• Third Rack

• Child Lock

• Indicators For Cycle Status

• Cycle Countdown

• Various Quit Packages such as Ultra Quiet Guard

• Single or Dual Cup Detergent Dispenser

• Ability to Change Door Position

• Dispenser for Rinse Aid

• Indicator For Rinse Aid (LED or Gauge)

• Various wash sensors such as optical soil sensor and Smart Wash

• Different forms of Advanced Technology such as Turbo Zone

• Control Temperatures Automatically

• Different Filtration Systems

• Heat Dry

• High Temp Dry

• Air Dry

• Adjustable Racks

• Normal Cycle

• Heavy Cycle

• Light Wash Cycle

• Quick Wash

• Plastic Wash

• Glassware Cycle

• Pots and Pans Cycle

• Half Load Wash

• High Temp Rinse

• Wash Delay

• Pre Soak

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