Leostream Connect iPad App


Leosterm has released its new app, the Leostream Connect iPad App which you can get for free online. What this application does is connect your computer to your iPad, you can access files that are on your computer from you iPad. You can access mostly all files that are on your system.

This is not the first application who offers this type of connectivity. What makes the Leostream Connect iPad App different from the others is the fact that you can access all your files situated on your desktop without having to buy any hardware or implement an infrastructure for your desktop.

Nowadays iPads have gained an important role in business and in the education area because they offer the possibility to work from anywhere and it is very easy to carry. Just think that you have a very important business meeting but you forgot something important on your computer that you need for that meeting. With this application you can easily access your computer and get the file you need.

People has started to give up on carrying their laptops everywhere they go instead they chose the iPad because it is much easier to carry and you can no more things on it because you have unlimited internet access.

The price of the Leostream iPad App is about 20$ for a month, you do need to sign a contract and you will receive a monthly bill. The developer gives you a 7 day trail which you can use to experiment the app and see if you like it.

Here are some of the features that the Leostrem offers its users:
• Use Windows applications on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
• You can securely and easily connect to their Leostream Mobile Desktops
• You can access your data and files from anywhere
• You can see websites that use Adobe® Flash® technology on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
• You can download the Leostream Connect iPad app by clicking the App Store icon below

So, this is the Leostream Connect iPad App which was developed recently by Leosterm. For more information you can go online are read all the requirements and the manual. If you are a business man you should consider getting this app for your iPad because you it will make your life easier, you will not longer get frustrated that you do not have access to a document that is on your personal computer.