Letter Jungle Children’s App


We are sure that most of you have purchased the Letter Jungle Children’s App and by this we mean people who have children. By now all parents have come to the conclusion that they need two iPads in their home because kids like iPads more than normal computers. What we like about this app is the fact that it is very educative but at the same time very fun.

This application was made by a German developer called German with the help of the Kinderbriefe GmbH education experts. The app has just been released on the USA market and what it does is enhance children´s literally skills with the help of some interactive games.

The games guides you young child through vocabulary, it shows him how to read it and spell it properly. A lot of effort has been put into the design because the developer wanted to attract children to use it for long periods of time. Another purpous of the game is to make children read more than they would if they did not have this fun and colorful application. The menu of the game is very easy because a child has to operate it.

The story of the games starts with an orangutans who has stolen some letters from words and has hidden them in the jungle. The task of the child is to go into the jungle and find the missing letters which will help him from the words that are displayed on the top of the display. In order to advance to the next level you have to find the letters required and you must collect a number of crystals.

The Letter Jungle Children’s App is very interactive and child friendly, we like the encouraging voices that the kid hears every time he moves on to the next level. This application works on iPads, iPhones and iPods. You can download it online and it only costs 1.99 $. It is available it two languages: German and English. If you have a child who wants to learn German you should set it on German because it will really help him. All in all it is a wonderful game which should not be missing from your computer. For more information regarding the game you should go online. It is not a hard game to play so do not worry that you child will get bored unless he is too big or small for it.