Lexus CT200h


If you want to know more about a sporty hybrid but not exactly sporty, then you should read on. It’s the F-Sport version of the first premium compact hybrid, Lexus CT200h. Package makes it a promising hybrid names appear and be a bit naughty?

Referring to the visual aspect, we might say that yes, CT200h F-Sport is a little different than the one before. That’s because it was equipped with new wheels have 17 inches around the wheel arches give the impression that they were inflated with pump, rear spoiler is larger and the bumper and grille have been modified significantly.

Beyond the door, in addition to standard features you expect to find in a premium model, even compact, there was an aluminum bracket that seeks to support the idea of sportsmanship. Oh yeah.

The Lexus was added to some new suspensions in order to be, on the one hand, more rigid and be highlighted in a sportier steering response, and on the other hand to not neglect comfort, if you are interested in certain situations. And you care because and therefore you are taking a premium compact, right?

Under the hood, the Lexus F-Sport CT200h gas station hides a 1.8-liter engine that delivers 98 hp and one electric, able to provide 81 hp. If you thought that the F-Sport version comes with an extra boost, you’ll be disappointed. Or not, because in substance and in the end, this model emits 94 g / km of carbon dioxide and does not want to upset Mother Nature. And this is a very good excuse.

Lexus’s said combined consumption is 3.8 liters CT200h percent. A true paradox, considering the fact that it belongs to the premium segment. In our test, we recorded an urban use located between 4.4 and 5.9 liters per cent. The lower value was obtained in a relaxed driving style, traffic applied in the morning, while the upper belongs alerts driving style, the evening crowds.

On the highway, at a constant speed of 120 km / h, consumption is stable to 6.0 liters per cent. Under extra urban consumption is around 5.5 liters per cent value, all varying depending on driving style and speed approached. As usual, all the above values are obtained with air conditioning on, with customers such as audio system.

Lexus is the first compact CT200h Japanese manufacturer. So there is no question of any tradition in design. Brand itself two years ago passed the threshold of 20 years of existence, so designers had a free hand to create a form as possible interesting.

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