Little girl bedroom ideas


For all of us a bedroom represents that special place in the house that we can call our own, where we feel most out of harms way and where we can relax without being disturbed. This common need is most felt by little girls who always dream of their own room where they can escape from the outside world, where they can be happy without any constrains and which they can call their own. Transforming a simple bedroom into a girl bedroom is very simple, you just have to add some feminine touches and you are good to go. Here we tell you on what important details you have to pay attention in order to make your daughters room a place where she will be proud to call her own.

First thing we start with the bedroom which is the most important thing in the room. A very important tip for this central piece is that you choose light colors. Try something with flowers or a pastel color which you daughter likes. To add even more femininity to the bed sheets and pillows sow some lace. To make your daughters favorite toys match with the color scheme of the rest of the room try dressing them into similar colors, by toys we mean dolls and teddy bears.

The next thing you should do is paint the walls, they should be done into a neutral colors. After you have finished painting you can hang different things on it, such as: a frame which you can change by covering it with material and a chalkboard in which you little girl can write and color.

Buy some rugs for the bathroom and bedroom floors. A good idea is to buy those who have princesses or story characters which your child loves but make sure they are non skid.

The way you light up you room is very important because you want to create a relaxing atmosphere. You can choose a light bulb of only 40 watts which you can place in the center of the room and ceiling. Another thing you can add is a bright colored lamp which you can find in any deco magazine.

If you follow the instruction which we have gave to you in this article you will have no problem in making you daughter the room she has always been dreaming of. Keep in mind that you should take into account your daughters taste also, if she is old enough.